About us

Whatever your ship needs, we can get it for you! Anything, from food and beverages to technical parts and/or safety supplies can be de- livered to your ship. We pride ourselves in always being on-time and dependable. You and/or your clients can always rely on us to receive the best products at the lowest possible prices.

Our privilege is to deliver highest quality ship supplies and services at competitive prices. We strive to furnish superior value to our cus- tomers by capitalizing on advanced technology and extensive maritime experience. If you find a price lower than ours, we will match it!!!

Global Marine Supply is your one-stop supplier for everything you might need on your ship! Once again, ANYTHING, from food and bever- ages to technical parts and/or safety supplies can be delivered to your ship.


GMS, has opened its current headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia in 1999. Founded by reserve Marine officers educated in Estonia, Germany, Sweden and Russia professional marine engineers and other marine trained professionals, GMS combines over 50 years of experience in transportation, shipping and marine supply. While the original goal was to service the needs of ship crews, today GMS supplies parts, offers technological expertise, provides expert ice advisory services during the winter, and supplies ships with provisions. Conveniently located near ports of Tallinn, and St. Petersburg, Russia, GMS has grown its operations to cover ALL of the major ports on the Baltic Sea within EU, Russia and Ukraine. We have connections all around the globe.
GMS abides by the naval code of professional conduct and grades itself according to reliability, quality, and experience. The years of service to our constantly growing client database have proven that our service highly excels above all others. Our company combines the advantages of long-term vendor contracting with bulk purchasing to achieve the competitive prices.

We want our clients to count on us for reliable delivery of everything that is necessary. We have eliminated delays related to various techni- cal, supply, logistical, warehousing and other operational issues in order to provide one of the most important contributions to the success of our clients – on-time delivery of all goods demanded! We operate 24/7. Contact us now for a quote! We will provide you with a price within 12 hours of your request. Order at least 5 days prior ETA and we deliver on your arrival.