About us

Dear Friends!

«Global Marine Supply» OU is Estonian capital based wholesale company, established in 2005 and now operating across all three Baltic markets – Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. From 2016 Global Marine Supply is a part of GMS Group, which is international trading group.

«Global Marine Supply» has been a reliable partner to its valuable customers, shareholders, employees, the Republic of Estonia and its cultural community, and our suppliers all over the world for 12 years. These years have given us a long-term experience to guide the existence of the brands of our assortment in Estonia.

The goal of «Global Marine Supply» team is to provide high-quality services to our clients and to be the most efficient company in our field. We aim for stable and consistent development, while quickly and efficiently reacting to changing market environment.

Core values:

— Integrity – we are honest with our clients, colleagues and ourselves
— Respect – we respect our clients and value each other’s thoughts and ideas
— Development – we want to be the best, work efficiently, anticipate and embrace changes

«Global Marine Supply» provides full spectrum of distribution services across wide range of product categories: import, warehousing, logistics, sales and marketing. If necessary, we also provide post-sales support, packaging management, etc.

Our strengths are flexibility, efficient logistics and strong IT support.

We offer efficient and reliable cooperation to our clients and partners. We have 12 years of experience on the Estonian market, which guarantees to our business partners fast and profitable market entry based on high-quality distribution services and risks minimization. Our sales divisions are managed by experienced leaders, proficient in their areas of business.

Since 2015 we provide distribution services across all Baltic markets – in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. «Global Marine Supply» and profitably manages wide and complicated product range.

Our people, partners, experience, and continuous pursuit of quality create a DIGNIFIED result for which Global Marine Supply with its SOUL stands for every day!

Yours sincerely,

Global Marine Supply