Food & Beverages

Our trading and logistic company Global Marine Supply OU supplying food, beverages and non-food products to cruise and ferry lines worldwide.

Our operational office located in Estonia, near port Tallinn. Location of our logictic center in Estonia giving us possibility to carry out everyday deliveries to ports of Estonia, Finland and Sweden.

BUT our main warehouse facilities situated in Breda (Netherlands) - specially in order to arrange deliveries from these warehouses to the cruise line vessels in Northern and Mediterranean sea regions.

Please find below the list of the categories where we consider that we are able to offer the best terms:

Cruisers are increasingly looking for authentic cuisine experiences that compliment their travel, where travellers are continually
looking to travel (and eat) off the beaten track, and experience food like a local. On top of this, consumers are continually looking
to shift towards locally sourced food that results in shorter, more transparent supply chains. We have experience in the supply of local cuisine products of our region and will always be happy to participate in the preparation of a proposal for the supply of these
products for themed dinners for passengers.

We will be happy to receive requests from you at any time for the supply of any problematic food or beverages, housekeeping goods and
other kinds of goods.